sexta-feira, maio 16, 2008

london diaries.


Portugal is finally making itself heard these days as a powerful voice in live art and performance, as we've understood from recent visits from key groups such as Bomba Suicida. This intriguing programme at East London's SPACE triangle gallery compiles work by four lesser-known groups, and is a chance to get intimate; the pieces seem united by an attempt to involve the public and absorb their reactions into the work. For example Cantinho and Romão's Moments of Being depend on us filling in a questionnaire, which is subsequently analysed by a computer to determine "a moment of a singular experience that embodies a maximum revelation of our existence". Perhaps rather less complicated, Teatro Praga's production of Noel Coward's Private Lives requires the audience to decide which actors should play which roles. But perhaps the most instantly appealing is Rogério Nuno Costa's Going To Your Place. From this page here you have all you need to bring him over to your own place, whereupon he will perform in your living room. The connotations of the yellow pages dial-a-magician are too wonderful to resist — book now to avoid disappointment!

[London, November 2004 ]