sábado, outubro 13, 2007

die Gelengenheit des Zuschauers.


Tanzfabrik, 15-21 Oktober, 2007

©João Costa Espinho

WORKSHOP — Created and directed by Portuguese performance artist Rogério Nuno Costa, with the accompaniment of many other Portuguese artists and thinkers, this workshop is essentially based in a theoretical methodology. It is intended to give the participants the opportunity to know the project Going To Your Place and all the questions risen by it, for that using a group of images, texts, critical analyses, artists' reflections and other materials, as well as the transdisciplinary information compiled in a catalogue and in a video-documentary. Taking this amount of information into account, each participant is invited to re-create his own artistic intervention, basing himself in the Going To Your Place theories that are expressed in the document Dogma 2005. A critical accompaniment will be supplied, as well as various discussed materials and debates, always to be followed up by each participant individually. The aim is to gather as many performative possibilities that contemplate the rules proposed by Dogma 2005 as possible. Nevertheless, the participants are not obliged to put their projects "into practice", in the same measure that we want to build up projects that can achieve an auto-sufficient praxis as long as the themes are being discussed. In other words, to make questions without expecting an answer, or else to put the answer already inside the question. Can a project be more important than its execution? Can I wait for the ideas to come, and not provoke their appearance? Can a question be more important than its answer? Can the process be more important that its result? Can the process be already the result? Can art be "only" a question? Can art never get an answer? Can we never know when it started? Can we never know when it ends?

CONFERENCE — Right in the middle point of the workshop Going To Your Place, the participants will be invited to join a public conference/demonstration about the main themes and questions being discussed in the workshop, for that using the actual situation of their personal projects as illustrative examples. All the documented materials produced until then will take part of this conference. The main purpose is to confront every personal project with different points of view from outsider artists and thinkers, improving the quality and the quantity of the questions risen by the works. Rogério Nuno Costa and a moderator will guide this conversation. 

FINAL PRESENTATION — By the end of the Going To Your Place workshop process, a public performance/installation will be held exactly in the same place where the workshop was developed. Inspired in the format of the movie The Five Obstructions, by Danish movie directors Lars von Trier and Jørgen Leth, this final presentation will be built upon the multidisciplinary materials and ideas produced by each participant during the workshop. Every work will be demonstrated by means of interviews, short documentaries/making of's, performance presentations, visual art exhibitions and critical analyses. Each participation will be judged in accordance to Dogma 2005 rules. Will the group of participants pass the test? 

Fabrikationen '07

Workshop_15-21 October
Conference_19 October
Final Presentation_21 October

[The workshop is open to everybody, artists and non-artists. The only requirements are an open minded spirit presence, some paper and a good pen. Rogério Nuno Costa will choose up to 3 participants to integrate the project "The Spectator's Opportunity", that will premiere in Lisbon in 2008, gathering many other participants from various Portuguese cities, as well as london Hamburg. The 'Going To Your Place' workshop and its subsequent project 'The Spectator's Opportunity' are supported by the Portuguese Arts Institute/Ministry of Culture.]