segunda-feira, agosto 20, 2007

o espectáculo continua.


You do really take care of people. That's so special... When I have hosts in my house, I always panic, because I don't feel like paying attention to everyone. But you can do that! I'll hire you next time! Thank you so much...

Are you real??

Você é especial! Eu também quero ir a sua casa...
[Katrin (alemã que fala Português do Brasil)]

My flat mate Martin told me: "A Portuguese guy is in Hamburg making performances in flats. I wanna see it; would you mind?" Wow! In that very moment, a lot of images rushed through my brain, things that could have happened... But what you did with us was completely different: it was new, it was interesting and it was boring all at the same time! And that's why I liked it so very very very much. If you are in Hamburg again, please call me and we'll party hard! Rock on!!

The most democratic performance I've ever been in.

What you do not know: the music we put for your little dance performance is one of my compositions! I hope you enjoyed it. I did!

Regular ist nicht regular!

You're the portuguese Joseph Beuys!

O teu projecto tem tanto de controverso quanto de belo. É lindo...

You're craaaaazy! You're so fucking craaaazyyyyy!!
[Desconhecida, aos gritos, na festa de abertura]

I don't want you to leave now... Are you really sure you want to sleep? You can do that in the plane! Please, stay..."
[Martin, na festa de despedida]