sexta-feira, junho 16, 2006

lado c.


Alexandre Abreu,
Ana Estevens,
Clara Alves de Sousa,
Diogo Rosa,
Filipa Lemos,
Meghann Ormond,
Pedro Penim,
Sandra Andrade,
Simão Costa,
Tiago Bartolomeu Costa.

Orange juiced pineapple sliced au naturel;
Aubergine stew w/ red wine sauce & roasted brie;
Spinach sauté w/ almonds & garlic;
Cucumber salad w/ herbed vinegar & mustard;
Minho's "green wine";
Special "rua do Passadiço" scones w/ fruit jam & honey.

Make a performance out of Brecht's life (and I play Brecht);
Increase my 'Amares' accent;
Create the Popular March of 'Coração de Jesus';
Buy some more fashionable vests;
Explain the difference between "trilogy" and "triology";
Save energy;
Paint more things with golden spray;
Create a colective moment of catharsis;
Create a volant lunch table;
Change the title to "Going To Your Table";
Make a performance just for neighbours with grilled sardines on the patio;
Do more silly things.