terça-feira, junho 13, 2006

lado c.


André Amálio,
André e. Teodósio,
Guilherme Ferreira,
Joana Furtado,
Luís Guerra,
Martim Pedroso,
Matthias Reiser,
Nuno Machado,
Paula Sá Nogueira,
Rui Ribeiro,
Sónia Baptista,
Tânia Carvalho,
Vvoitek Ziemilski.

Citrus soft cake;
Creamy & herbed risotto;
Roasted tomatoes w/ garlic & basil;
Mango & avocado salad w/ olives & parsley;
Roasted pineapple w/ tropical sweet rice & cinnamon sauce;
Minho's "green wine";
Moroccan mint tea w/ lemon;
Special "rua do Passadiço" scones with fruit jam.

Drink more water;
Put cushions on the chairs;
Make a photographic soap-opera, like "Simplesmente Maria";
Include some choreography in the performance;
Buy some better quality post-its;
Explore more classical music tunes for the piece soundtrack;
Ask the rich spectators for money in order to pay the food;
Go shopping with the spectators;
Sell false portraits of Duchamp;
Make a televised version of "Going To Your Place";
Buy a van and tour with the performance through the country;
Change my way of living;
Find some more "friends";
Calm down.