sábado, junho 17, 2006

lado c.


Ana Pais,
Catarina Mendes Quinto,
Cláudia Madeira,
Filipa Flores,
João Carneiro,
John Romão,
Luísa Félix,
Mónica Guerreiro,
Patrícia Portela.

Four cheeses w/ roasted vegetables & herbs;
Spinach cream w/ dry fruits & ginger;
Avocado stuffed tomatoes in mixed lettuces bed;
Natural pineapple in raspberry sauce & nutmeg;
Minho's "green wine";
Peach & strawberry jam toasts in sesame seeds bread.

Make the party;
Work hard;
Communicate by telepathy;
No to posters, yes to fridge pins;
Keep a little part of the money for unpredictable events;
Learn how to work on Excel;
Draw a map of Coração de Jesus area;
Have a website;
Call all the people I know and ask them if they want to be my budget partners;
Schedule some dinner performances;
Find a very rich sponsor who can give me money for many years (example: Portugal Telecom);
Pay the spectators for their patience;
Wait, but not seated.

"Between me and Duchamp, there's one century...", Ana Pais dixit.