sábado, junho 10, 2006

lado c.


Birgitta Winnberger-Rydh,
Carla Ribeiro,
Diana Alves,
Inês Jacques,
José Luís Neves,
Luís Firmo,
Malin Schiller,
Ruben Coelho,
Simon Dove.

Green leaves in soft mustard & tarragon dressing;
Black olives & tomatoes consumé w/ roasted aubergines;
Fried apples w/ nuts ice-cream & almond sauce;
Minho's "green wine";
Anise & green lemon cheese cake.

Buy an air conditioner;
Make this performance in an under construction building;
Contract Miguel Bonneville to be my accountant;
Break down some walls;
Buy some chairs (not in IKEA, though);
Try to make performances in English just for Portuguese non-speaking spectators;
Do not apply to government's subvention ever again.